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Microlink for Logo

When browsing the internet, you might come across websites such as Observable universe, Turbopack by Vercel, Why is Rosetta 2 fast, or Tesla motors explained.

Have you noticed those external URLs have a favicon next to them? Microlink for Logo uses JavaScript to interact with the Microlink API to fetch logos.
const getLogo = url => {
  const { origin } = new URL(url)
  return fetch(`https://api.microlink.io?url=${url}&filter=logo.url`)
    .then(res => res.json())
    .then(({ data }) => data.logo.url)

const getLogos = urls => Promise.all(urls.map(getLogo))

Some extra links for showcasing how it performs:


We've created Microlink logo benchmark to measure and compare the accuracy of Microlink API and similar solutions against Top 500 domains:


What is the Microlink API?

The Microlink API is a service that provides a simple way to fetch metadata from any website.

How does it work?

We developed Metascraper for getting unified & normalized HTML markup. We use it for getting the logo in the best quality possible in each situation.

How much it cost?

There is a forever free plan that is reset daily based on IP address. If you need more, check Microlink Pricing.